By providing the information, I/we consent to allow AIA Singapore, its associated persons/organisations, its and their third party service providers and its and their representatives, whether within or outside Singapore (collectively “AIA Persons”) to collect, use, disclose, store, retain and/or process (collectively, “Use”) all personal data and information (“Personal Data”) that had/has been provided to AIA Persons and/or that AIA Persons possess about me/us (whether from me/us or a third party), in the manner and for the purposes described in the AIA Personal Data Policy (“PD Policy”) and which I/we confirm that I/we have read and understood.

In addition, I/we consent to allow AIA Persons to use Personal Data that had/has been provided to AIA Persons and/or that AIA Persons possess about me/us (whether from me/us or a third party) for the purposes of conducting consumer, marketing related or other similar research and analysis and to provide marketing and promotional information relating to existing or future products and/or services by the following modes of communication:

  • by electronics transmission to or through my/our *email address(es); and
  • to all my/our *telephone number(s) (of which I/we confirm I am/we are the user(s) and/or subscriber(s), by way of phone/voice call/SMS

* which are in AIA Persons’ records as may be updated from time to time by notice to AIA Persons. In relation to one or more of the above purposes, I/we consent to my/our Personal Data being disclosed to independent third parties and their representatives and such third parties processing my/our Personal Data.


  • I/we may withdraw one or more consents provided by me/us at anytime via AIA Customer Care Hotline at 1800-248-8000 or AIA e-Care (for policyholders) or my/our insurance representative(s) (for policyholders and non-policyholders). I/we will stop receiving marketing messages via the selected modes of communication after 30 days. I/we will continue to receive marketing messages via other modes of communication where my/our consent has been given and information arising from my/our AIA policies or programmes.
  • The consent provided by me/us in this form is in addition to and does not supersede, vary or nullify any consent which I/we may have provided previously in respect of the above purposes, unless my/our consent is withdrawn in the manner specified by AIA.