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Insurance entrepreneur now, agency manager in six years

25 January 2023

Many people dream of having their own businesses. Imagine managing your time, being in control of your success, and opening the door to your maximum earning potential so you can provide the quality of life you and your loved ones dream of.

All of these are possible when you set your sights high, work smart, and learn from those who have come before you. When you do these, you can also lead your own team to conquer the pinnacle of success and be rewarded in the process.

AIA Philippines shares that in six years or less, an Insurance Entrepreneur can take the guaranteed career path to become an Agency Manager with its three-step winning formula of “Educate, Expand, and Empower to Lead”.

Henry L. Evangelista is a living example of an Insurance Entrepreneur who is reaping the rewards of becoming an Agency Manager from the Davao-Evangelista Agency. Being in the insurance industry for almost four decades, he applied AIA Philippines’ winning formula of starting out as an Advisor, moving up to Unit Manager, and finally becoming an Agency Manager. “Initially, my intention was to work part-time. In 1984, however, I got a big break in my career when I closed one single family transaction covering four life insurance policies that gave me a commission of around PHP30,000,” he shares. “During that time, that was a lot of money, equivalent to a three- year salary while working as a supervisor. It didn’t take me long to resign from employment and become a full-time life insurance agent.”

Henry explains that even now that he’s already an Agency Manager (one of the highest positions you can aspire to become) he has never stopped doing one thing—recruitment. “Recruiting people is the principal of our business as an Agency Leader,” he explains. “While recruiting will not guarantee us success, surely by not recruiting, it will guarantee us failure. Never stop recruiting.” Today, Davao-Evangelista Agency has a total sales force of one Agency Manager, one Senior Unit Manager, 25 Unit Managers and 436 Financial Advisors with unit offices spread out across Southern Mindanao, actively educating as many Filipino families as they can to help uplift financial literacy in the area.

In his 38-year career—and going— Henry has helped many stay on their feet and be protected from life’s uncertainties. “I have seen so many people, especially widows and orphans, who were left behind by a breadwinner because of an untimely death. They were kept away from being displaced because of the life insurance benefits they received. They can still afford to stay in their homes, provide for food, pay for the educational needs of their children.”

Nina S. Anover was in economic research when her mom invited her to join the family business. She was earning good money as a wholesaler of fruits in Divisoria for several years but the “glamour” was not there – something she wanted to match the stature of her husband who was a senior officer in a foreign bank. In searching for another career, she listed three considerations: no capital requirements, I will be my own boss, and I will write my own paycheck. All considerations she found by becoming an Insurance Entrepreneur 28 years ago.

Nina recounts the challenges she faced in her initial years in the insurance industry – clients burned by dishonest agents or expensive products or agents not serving the clients properly.

But even back then, it was Nina’s solid belief in the product that she was selling that kept her going. “I cannot imagine myself doing anything else,” she says. “When I saw how good the product was 27 years ago, I fell in love with it. I can’t think of a career as beautiful as this. It’s an ongoing relationship. You’re taking care of the entire family. You’re taking care of that person in front of you, and you become a part of them.”

Also, it was financially rewarding. When you work hard, you earn more, and because you become financially stable, the dreams you have are realized faster.” Nina also credits being in the insurance industry as a big help in building her character. “It’s a school of virtues,” she reveals, “You’ll have to practice the virtues of humility, patience, perseverance, faithfulness, charity, the spirit of service.”

Helping others is in everyone’s DNA, and for those in AIA Philippines, it has turned into their life goals. But some might ask, isn’t it difficult to sell insurance?

Every career comes with its own set of challenges, but if you choose to become an AIA Insurance Entrepreneur, you will have all the support and guidance you need to succeed. And the rewards make overcoming the challenges worth it. On top of the monetary and trip incentives, there is a clear career path that will motivate you to keep going and reach the summit of success as an Agency Manager in as fast as five years.

Take your cue from Nina, who has been leading her own team and is immensely proud of how far they’ve come. “As a Senior Unit Manager from Starbright Financial Advisors, my focus is on developing more leaders in the team.. It’s about paying it forward, with the goal of replicating what I was able to do and inspiring young entrepreneurs with the possibilities ahead by showing them what I was able to achieve.”

Nina is already a Lifetime Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Member, and everyday, she remembers the saying: ‘As above, so below’. “I’m very proud of our team—called NorthStar— where we’ve made 18 MDRTs. Leaders always set the tone for the team. We live the standards of excellence as much as we can, then everyone will follow. I think about how I can make my team, myself, better, so that each of us can do our work better, so we can be able to serve more Filipinos.”

While the allure of the rewards is there, the most important part of being an Insurance Entrepreneur is the sense of purpose that drives you despite the difficulties you might face. Imagine how many dreams you are helping continue despite life’s many uncertainties. Imagine how many families you are helping along the way as you embark on your own journey to success. As Henry rightly explains, “The career is not just about the personal rewards of an Advisor. We help save lives, protect dreams and secure the future.”
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AIA Philippines (AIA Philippines Life and General Insurance Company, Inc.), formerly AIA Philam Life (The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company), is the country’s premier life insurance company. Originally established on 21 June 1947 and became popularly known as Philam Life, AIA Philippines has earned the trust of customers for its financial strength, strong brand name, and ability to deliver on its promises.

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Based on the Insurance Commission results as of 31 December 2021, the combined total premium income of AIA Philippines and BPI AIA was at PHP33.91 billion. AIA Philippines is a member of AIA Group Limited, the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group.

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The business that is now AIA was first established in Shanghai more than a century ago in 1919. It is a market leader in Asia (exJapan) based on life insurance premiums and holds leading positions across the majority of its markets. It had total assets of US$302 billion as of 30 June 2022.

AIA meets the long-term savings and protection needs of individuals by offering a range of products and services including life insurance, accident and health insurance and savings plans. The Group also provides employee benefits, credit life and pension services to corporate clients. Through an extensive network of agents, partners and employees across Asia, AIA serves the holders of more than 40 million individual policies and over 17 million participating members of group insurance schemes.

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