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AIA Med-Assist

A co-pay medical insurance plan that funds 90% of your hospital bills and gives you life insurance coverage until you’re 80
This plan comes with an AIA Vitality membership

Issue age

0 to 55 years old

Coverage period

Until 80 years old

Policy benefits

Nothing will hold you back

Insurance lingo

A type of payment arrangement where we’ll shoulder 90% of your hospital bill and let you settle the remaining 10%. This means that if your hospital bill is at PHP 15,00, all you need to pay is PHP 1,500.

This is the fee you pay us to protect you and your loved ones for a specified risk in a specified period of time

This is the one-time payout we’ll provide your beneficiaries when you pass away

These are optional additional premiums or investments to the policy, which can be purchased any time after the policy has been issued

This is a condition resulting from injury or sickness wherein a person is unable to work or earn money from any occupation or business they are reasonably qualified by way of education, training or experience

Important details

  • AIA Med-Assist is a peso-denominated variable life insurance product available in Pay-to-age-65 variant that covers in-patient expenses during hospitalization. It includes Medical Benefit Rider, Daily Hospital Income, Waiver of Premium, and AIA Vitality.
  • For insured age 0-17, benefit of the plan would include the Life Insurance Coverage and the Medical Benefit only.
  • Premium period is not guaranteed. In the future, if the account value becomes insufficient to pay for charges, it is possible that additional premiums (i.e. top-ups) will be required to continuously enjoy the benefits of this plan and its riders.
  • The contents of this page are for illustration purposes only. Actual terms and conditions are found in the Policy Contract. In case of conflict, the terms of the policy shall prevail.

Upon receiving the Policy Contract, you may refer to it for the full details on critical illness definitions, exclusions including the pre-existing conditions, and other limitations. If after reading the Policy Contract you decide that this plan is not suitable for your needs, simply return it to AIA Philippines within 15 days from the date you or your authorized representative received it and we will refund total premiums you have paid.

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