UFC Gym 70% | AIA

As a partner of AIA Vitality, you can enjoy discounted rates on Champion membership, learn more about your dietary habits and nutrition needs, and get helpful fitness tips from experts.

How to avail Champion membership

  1. Save 70% OFF your gym membership fee

    Email the applicable membership form found on the AIA Vitality app to vitality@ufcgym.com.ph. You'll enjoy exclusive rates when you apply for a membership or upgrade your existing gym membership with AIA Vitality.

  2. Present your e-Card

    Show your e-Card with the gym membership ID every partner gym visit.

  3. Earn points for your workouts

    Points will be reflected within 3 to 5 days after every partner visit.

    You can earn a maximum of 100 points for fitness each day. If more than one fitness activity has been completed on the same day, the activity with the highest number of points for the day will be awarded.

Earn 100 points for every gym visit per day. Go to the AIA Vitality app to learn more.

  1. UFC Gym membership enrollment as a AIA Vitality member will only be processed through online application process. Walk-in applications will not be accepted.
  2. You can sign up a maximum of two (2) people who will receive the same benefit as yours. The discount benefit granted to your declared extension(s) should not be used for monetary gain.
  3. The membership term must be for a minimum of three (3) months.
  4. Joining fees will be waived by UFC Gym for new members.
  5. The discount applies to new memberships and can be extended to existing UFC Gym members after applying through the Existing Member Application form.
  6. You can avail up to three (3) supervised orientation workouts for new members during the initial UFC Gym membership period.
  7. The AIA Vitality discount does not apply to personal training fees.
  8. You can earn 100 AIA Vitality Points a day when you work out at UFC Gym. If more than one physical activity has been completed on the same day, the highest number of fitness points for the day will be awarded.
  9. By enrolling at UFC Gym as a AIA Vitality member, you will be authorizing UFC Gym to transfer or share data with AIA Vitality to award you AIA Vitality Points for your gym visits. This is valid as long as both memberships for AIA Vitality and UFC Gym are active.

Subject to change without prior notice.