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There are three (3) types of claims that AIA Philippines delivers to its customers and their beneficiaries – accident, illness, and death.

Accident and Illness-related claims such as Medical Reimbursement, Daily Hospital Income, Critical Illness, Disability, and Dismemberment must be filed by the policy owner or the person insured by the policy. 

Death Claims may be filed by the beneficiary/ies as stated in the insured’s policy contract or by their legal representative.

We have made it hassle-free for you to file a claim from anywhere in the world. Simply click here to file your claim online and follow these three easy steps:

  1. Fill out the required forms, depending on your type of claim:

    Accident Illness Death
    • Valid government ID
    • Police/ Narration Report 
    • Official receipts (ORs)
    • Certificate of Employment, Medical Certificate (if related to disability)
    • Other supporting documents, e.g., Medical Certificate, SSS / GSIS Certification of Permanent Disability, Rehab Assessment Form, Discharge Summary/ Medical Records
    • Valid government ID
    • Police/ Narration Report 
    • Hospital statement of account (SOA)
    • Medical Certificate
    • Discharge Summary
    • Histopath Report, Electrocardiographic (ECG), Dialysis Report/Proof of Permanent Hemo Dialysis, Cardio Workup, Neurological Exam, as applicable
    •  Other supporting documents, e.g., Medical Certificate, SSS / GSIS Certification of Permanent Disability, Rehab Assessment Form, Discharge Summary/ Medical Records, Picture of Insured showing amputated part of the body

    For the insured:

    • Death certificate of the insured
    • Police investigation report (if cause of death is due to an accident)
    • Medical records

    For the beneficiary:

    • Valid government ID
    • Marriage contract (if beneficiary is the spouse)
    • Birth certificate (if beneficiary is below 18 years old)
    • Affidavit of Legal Guardianship (if beneficiary is below 18 years old)
    • Certificate of Employment (for Group Corporate Solution policy)

    For Creditor Insurance:

    • Valid ID of Creditor's authorized representative
    • Loan Ledger or Summary Sheet
  2. Submit requirements needed, depending on your type of claim. The documents must be in .jpg or .pdf formats and must not exceed 5MB in file size. For multiple documents, kindly have them collated into one file before uploading.
  3. Get your reference number for status tracking.

Once you submit your requirements, your request will be reviewed and evaluated by our claims team. Please expect an update from us via SMS and e-mail within 7 to 10 working days. 

Your benefit pay-out can either be claimed* from any BPI branch (if you are a BPI account holder) or credited to your bank account of choice. Here is a full list of our partner banks for your easy reference:

Depending on the nature or type of claim and submission of complete documents, your claim request may be processed in ten (10) to thirty (30) working days. Your policy benefit will be credited to your nominated account within three (3) days from the approval of claim request.

* Given the controls that need to be in place when disbursing large pay-outs in compliance with our country’s Anti-Money Laundering Act, we will no longer be releasing benefit pay-outs of more than Php 500,000 or USD 10,000 through our Pick-up Anywhere (PUA) facility. If you expect to receive more than this amount, please choose to have your benefit pay-out credited directly to your bank account instead. You may nominate your

Please expect your benefit pay-out to be credited to your nominated account within ten (10) to thirty (30) working days depending on the nature of the claim.
Below are the specific turnaround time from claims disbursement enrolment to claims pay-out:

  1. Claims with preferred disbursement previously enrolled: ten (10) working days
  2. Claims with no preferred disbursement currently enrolled: fifteen (15) working days
  3. Claims with contestable cases: thirty (30) working days

We have made it hassle-free for you to check the status of your claims request. Kindly send us an email at with the following information: Policy Owner’s Full Name (First Name, Middle Initial, and Last Name) Mobile or Landline Number.

A Customer Service Representative will get back to you on the status of your claim request within one (1) working day.

While the benefit amount to be paid out for claim requests are subject to our assessor’s evaluation and approval, you can still easily check the amount covered by your policy benefits by reviewing your policy details in My AIA. Your insurance policy contract also has a Summary of Coverage and Benefits Page for easy and ready reference.

Not yet registered in My AIA? Click on ‘Register’ here and follow the step-by-step instructions you will find on your screen. Once done, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from AIA Philippines with your log-in details.

Yes, this is possible. The beneficiary has to fill-out the form found here and submit a duly notarized Waiver of Rights in addition to the necessary requirements to file for a claim.

To file an appeal for your denied claim request, simply send us an email at An AIA Philippines representative will contact you within 1-2 days to assist you with the next steps.