Reinstatement | AIA Philippines


Your policy may have lapsed because we did not receive the payment for your policy’s premium due on or before the end of your policy’s grace period.

In times of uncertainty, keeping you, our customers and their loved ones, protected is our top priority. We made it hassle-free for you to reinstate your lapsed policies even while at home. Easily reinstate your lapsed policy in My AIA. Click here to get started.

You may also reach out to your AIA Life Planner to assist you. 

Before you reactivate your lapsed policy, ensure your contact details with us are updated so you receive notifications on your reactivation request. You can do this here or via My AIA.

Note that if your policy lapsed for no more than 180 days, you may reinstate your policy by simply paying your outstanding due premiums.

You may also reach out to your AIA Life Planner to assist you.

Important note! Reinstatement costs reflected are valid as of the day of your login and may change due to interest rates. If you have concerns on the information reflected, contact us at

Your policy can be reinstated within three (3) years from its last due date. Once you reinstate, you return your policy to its in force or active status and can once again start enjoying the benefits of your policy.