Health Achieve

The care you need during your prime

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Health Achieve

A life and health insurance plan that helps you prioritize your well-being and prepares you for any health setbacks during your prime working years

This plan comes with an AIA Vitality membership

Issue age

18 to 55 years old

Coverage period

Until 65 years old


Policy benefits

Insurance lingo

This is the one-time payout we’ll provide your beneficiaries when you pass away

Important details

  • Health Achieve is a term life plan that includes built-in term riders Critical Illness and Hospital Confinement Benefit and comes with AIA Vitality. While the plan's life insurance, critical illness and hospitalization coverage are available until age 65, the client can continue his AIA Vitality membership until age 100.

  • Discounts on life insurance plans are based on applicable premiums only and assume that the AIA Vitality Membership is in-force for each year with discounts. Discounts may increase or decrease depending on the actual AIA Vitality Status each year.

  • The minimum premium required may increase depending on the occupational and medical ratings of the proposed insured.

  • The contents of this page are for illustrative purposes only. Actual terms and conditions of insurance coverage are found in the policy. In case of conflict, policy terms shall prevail.

Upon receiving the Policy Contract, you may refer to it for the full details on the Critical Illness definitions, exclusions including the pre-existing conditions, and other limitations. If after reading the Policy Contract, you decide that this plan is not suitable to your needs, simply return it to AIA Philippines within fifteen (15) days from the date you or your authorized representative received it and we will refund to you the total premium you paid.

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