Family protection in your own terms

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An affordable term insurance plan that goes beyond basic coverage with flexible and customizable benefits for you and your family

Issue age

18 to 79 years old

Coverage period

Until 85 years old


Policy benefits

Optional riders

Customize your plan’s coverage with these supplementary benefits

You’ll receive additional cash support to fund expenses for injuries, disabilities and death caused by accidents

You no longer have to pay for your future premiums, rider premiums and special top-up payments if you’re diagnosed with a covered critical illness

You’ll receive a cash benefit per day of hospital confinement, and get more for long-term hospitalization, ICU stay, outpatient consultations or surgeries

Insurance lingo

A plan that covers you for a specified period. It may be renewed later on for the same period until the maximum issue age of the plan

This is the one-time payout we’ll provide your beneficiaries when you pass away

Important details

  • Guardian is a term life insurance plan that can include optional riders.

  • The allowable issue, renewable, and coverage ages will depend on the variant chosen. You can choose to have coverage for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or until you reach age 65.

  • Request for renewal & conversion of Guardian plans and its riders shall be accepted up to a combined medical rating of Class D.

  • Guardian plan may be converted to a life or endowment plan during the conversion period without evidence of insurability. The face amount of the new plan should not be less than the established minimum for the new plan nor more than the face amount of the Guardian plan. The conversion period depends on the Guardian variant chosen.

  • Critical Illness Benefit is only attachable to Guardian 65.

  • The minimum premium required may increase depending on the occupational and medical ratings of the proposed insured.

  • The contents of this page are for illustrative purposes only. Actual terms and conditions of insurance coverage are found in the policy. In case of conflict, policy terms shall prevail.

If after reading the Policy Contract, you decide that this plan is not suitable to your needs, simply return it to AIA Philippines within fifteen (15) days from the date you or your authorized representative received it and we will refund to you the total premium you paid.

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