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Get an upfront 10% or 15% discount on your premiums based on your insurance plan—it can go as high as 20% as you level up your AIA Vitality status! This is applicable to selected products only. 

What will you get?

Year Premium Discount AIA Vitality Status
1 15% P + 1%
2 16% G + 0%
3 16%  

Status % change by the next year
Bronze (B) -2%
Silver (S) -1%
Gold (G) 0%
Platinum (P) +1%

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How can you get this?

  1. On your first year, you start with your upfront premium discount. In this case, 15%.

  2. If you reach Platinum status throughout the year, you get 1% more on your premium discount the next year.

    Thus, you get 16% additional upfront coverage by the second year.

  3. Your premium discount coverage in succeeding years will depend on your AIA Vitality status.

Visit or to know which products have this benefit. Talk to your financial advisor or bancassurance executive to know more. 

The availability of the benefits depends on the insurance plan you have. The percentage increase on your premium discount depends on your consistent program engagement, and does not deduct from the original insurance benefit amount.

Adjustments on the insurance benefits from a change in AIA Vitality status will only be applied during policy anniversary.

Status-based adjustments at each policy renewal year:

  • AIA Vitality Platinum Status – Discount percentage increases by 1%
  • AIA Vitality Gold Status – Discount percentage remains constant
  • AIA Vitality Silver Status – Discount percentage decreases by 1%
  • AIA Vitality Bronze Status – Discount percentage decreases by 2%

For more details on AIA Vitality or the Vitality integrated products, consult your AIA Philippines financial advisor.

Subject to change without prior notice.