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AIA Elite Funds

The journey towards a wealth of expertise

AIA Philippines Elite Funds will provide both the exposure and the option to participate investing on a global scale.

The funds are actively managed by AIA Investment Management, the exclusive investment arm of AIA Group – a leading asset owner and institutional asset manager.

AIA Investment Management

1 As of 31 December 2022, AIA Annual Report 2022

World-class solutions to suit your needs

Our wealth solutions are tailored to suit your goals and risk preferences. Your portfolio will comprise a strategic mix of equities and bonds, targeted to providing optimal returns and financial stability for the long term.

AIA Philippines Elite Funds

Fixed Income Equities

The backing of wealth management powerhouses

We have partnered with the best in-class asset managers to deliver long-term outcomes to your investments.

Funds performance

These are designed to maximize the earning potential of your hard-earned money through a global portfolio of expertly managed funds.