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24-Hr Plus

24-HR PLUS goes beyond safeguarding you from accidents. Its annual renewable format and guaranteed cash payouts not only shield you from the expenses from accidents, but also empowers you with a safety net that covers your life after. With riders like one-time payouts, weekly, and monthly provisions, you can elevate your protection even more and cover your medical expenses and work compensation.

Issue age

18 to 65 years old

Coverage period

1 year

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AIA Philippines Financial Advisors


Policy benefits

Bonus features

Non-accident-related passing grants beneficiaries 2.5% of face amount up to P100,000.

Yearly renewal up to 5 years results in 5% increase each year to principal sum, up to P800,000 of total personal accident coverage.

Injuries while boarding or disembarking certified commercial airplanes grant you applicable cash benefit for medical expenses.

Passing due to murder grants beneficiary 100% of benefits payable up to P2,000,000.

Optional add-ons

Get additional insurance coverage with these riders

Get extra coverage for essential medical expenses incurred within 30 days of your accident for maximum 52 weeks.

Weekly income payout benefits for up to 26 weeks or until the policy anniversary nearest to your 72nd birthday whichever occurs first.

Insurance lingo

It means your coverage can be renewed until the age of 72, with a grace period of 31 days for premiums not paid when due.

It means if you fail to pay your premium within the grace period, you can reinstate your policy any time within 90 days from the date your policy lapsed.

Terms & conditions

The minimum premium required may increase depending on the occupational and medical ratings of the proposed insured. Optional benefits will require separate premium.

Upon receiving the policy contract, you may refer to the document for full details on the critical illness definitions, exclusions including the pre-existing conditions, and other limitations. If you decide that this plan is not suitable to your needs after reading the policy contract, simply return the document to BPI AIA within fifteen (15) days from the date you or your authorized representative received it and we will refund the Account Value plus the Policy Charges that have been deducted.

Important details

List of accidental dismemberment or loss of use of various body parts

  % of Principle Sum
Accidental Dismemberment or Loss of Use of Limbs
Both hands 100%
Both feet 100%
One hand and one foot 100%
One hand 1 50%
Arm between elbow and wrist 60%
Arm at or above elbow 70%
One foot 50%
Leg below knee 60%
Leg at or above knee 70%
Loss of Sight
Both eyes 100%
One eye 50%
Loss of Speech 100%
Loss of Hearing
Both ears 100%
One ear 50%
Accidental Dismemberment or Loss of Use of Fingers 2
All of one hand 50%
Thumb 15%
Index finger 10%
Middle finger 6%
Ring finger 5%
Little finger 4%
Loss of Use of Metacarpals - first or second 3%
Loss of Use of Metacarpals - third, fourth or fifth 2%
Accidental Dismemberment or Loss of Use of Toes 2
All of one foot 25%
Great toe 5%
Othis than great, each toe 1%
Fractured Leg or Patella with Established Non-Union 10%
Shortening of Leg by at least 5cm 7.5%

1 The percentage of principle sum payable shall not be more than the percentage payable for the accidental dismemberment or loss of use of the whole hand in case of accidental dismemberment or loss of use of two or more parts of the hand.

2 The accidental dismemberment or loss of use of the first joint of any finger or toe shall be considered as equal to the accidental dismemberment or loss of use of half of the finger or toe, and the benefit shall be half of the benefit above specified for the accidental dismemberment or loss of use of the finger or toe.

In addition to the benefits payable under ACCIDENTAL DISMEMBERMENT AND LOSS OF USE BENEFIT, you will also get an additional payout equal to 25% of your face amount, regardless of multiple losses, if your injury results in:

  • Loss of use of both hands
  • Loss of use of both feet
  • Loss of use of a hand and a foot
  • Loss of sight in both eyes

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